Patient’s Full Introduction

Name of the patient: Naseema               Father’s name: Nora Jan     Mother’s name: Shayesta

Age: 20 years old                                   Gender: Female                 Education: illiterate

Duty: housewife                                     Skill: No special skill           Ethnicity: Tajik

Main residence: Wardak province            Current residence: 5th District, Dewanbegi area

Current residence: Fifth District, Dewanbegi area

Number of family members: 9 persons

Current status: unemployed                   Contact number: 0770401859

Diagnosis: Chronic pulpitis 

Patient History

 The above-mentioned patient who was referred to the Dewanbegi clinic, dental department had also been referred to other clinics, but due to a weak financial situation, she had not been diagnosed and treated, and the patient’s husband is unemployed and lives in a rental house.

Due to the poor economic conditions of the patient mentioned above, she had decided to pull her curable tooth, because she did not have the money to treat it.

One of her friends had given the patient the address of Dewanbegi Clinic, and the checkup fee, price of medicine, and price of laboratory tests are lower compared to other health centers.

After receiving information about the fact that the patient has a special discount at the Dewanbegi clinic, she decided that she should use this golden opportunity to treat her teeth.

The first session:

The completion of the file, examination of all the patient’s teeth, laboratory examinations, and denervation of the mentioned patient’s teeth were done on 5/12/2022.

The following physical examinations were performed on the patient: BMI 23.6kg/m

Vital signs:

Wt 53k, Ht 154cm, Temper 36.5c, Pals Rat 100bm, O 96%, Blood Presser 12080mmHg, RR 18m

Later, the following laboratory examinations were performed for the mentioned patient.

  1. HBS
  2. HCV

The result of the above examination was negative, and no problem was found.

Diagnosis: The above patient was diagnosed by Dr. Nangialai Shahzada as having Chronic pulpitis, and the above tooth was treatable and needed denervation and filling.


The treatment and diagnosis of the mentioned patient were carried out by Dr. Nangialai Shahzada, the assigned dentist at the dental department of Dewanbegi Clinic. Based on the results of the examinations performed by the mentioned doctor, the tooth of the above-mentioned patient could be treated. The patient requested to have her tooth extracted because of the poor economic situation, and because she could not pay for the treatment, the matter was referred to the administration manager by the assigned doctor.

After investigating and recognizing the mentioned patient as a deserving poor patient, the Dewanbegi clinic administration decided to assist the patient’s treatment through the Dewanbegi clinic’s Poor Fund Box.

The patient’s tooth was denervated and then filled; she visited the Dewanbegi clinic on 12/5/2022, 12/12/2022, and 12/8/2022, and every time the patient returned to the clinic in a better and normal condition. She referred to Dewanbegi, and based on this, the above patient was treated.

The second session:

On 12/8/2022, the above patient’s tooth was filled and molded.

Blood Presser-110\70mmhg PR- 79b\m O- 97% T-36.1c RR- 16\m

The third session:

On 12/12/2022, the tooth of the above patient was installed.

 PR- 80b/m BP- 100/80mmHg O- 98% T- 36.7c RR- 18

It should be remembered that if the mentioned patient had not been diagnosed and treated free of charge by the dental department of the Dewanbegi Clinic; the possibility of bad breath and the damage to treatable teeth would possibly cement the teeth, resulting in the patient’s mental disorder. Fortunately,  the patient was treated.

The patient and the patient were very satisfied with the services provided, the good treatment of the doctor and all the clinic personnel, and the financial assistance provided by the charity fund, and they were discharged from the clinic happily.

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