20 New Nooks Published for Afghanistan Universities in 2023

Twenty new books have been printed for Afghanistan universities with the financial support of Kinderhilfe-Afghanistan, a German aid for Afghan children.

These published books were about medical, engineering, economy, agriculture, sciences, and computer science subjects. The books would be distributed to government and private universities and some libraries and foundations so that students, lecturers, specialists, and others could access them.

No one was paid for authoring and translating the books but the writers and translators were given 100 pieces of books for their encouragement. Those who are interested in reading these books can visit www.ecampus-afghanistan.org and download them free of cost.

Kinderhilfe-Afghanistan organization has so far funded the publication of 250 textbooks covering the fields of medical, engineering, economics, science, and media. University students would see a significant improvement in the amount of books they need, but the deficit would still exist.

The series of printing and distribution of these books was started by the office of Dr. Yahya Wardak in the year 2010. Until December 2023, a total of 389 textbooks have been printed, with at least 1000 copies of each book. It has distributed a total of 389,000 books. Following publication, these volumes were given to hospitals, academic institutions, writers, academic and research institutes, public libraries, and even certain academic staff members in Afghanistan’s public and private universities. Thankfully, this series has continued uninterrupted since the beginning.

By Hekmatullah Aziz

February 14, 2024, KABUL

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