Grimm’s Fairy Tales; by the Brothers Grimm, has 143 pages, A5 size, with 1000 copies printed in 2022 in Kabul.

This book was written primarily in German by Jakob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm, and it was recently translated into Pashto by Dipl Eng Assdullah Malakzay and published by Afghanic.

The content of this book is simple and fluent with specific appetence. The stories are sweet and full of edification, which carries a number of direct and indirect life lessons.

Besides the text, the pages of this book have some pictures which will be interesting to the readers, visitors, and specifically to the children. By seeing these pictures, they become able to think about the book’s contents easily.

The basic purpose of the printing of this book is entertainment, study, and some direct and indirect lessons for the readers. The contents of this book introduce some cultural fundamentals between the Afghans and Germans, showing the similarities of stories in both societies.

The background of this book has been decorated with a collection of green and blue colors, and the name of the translator has been written on the cover page with a picture. The back cover page has the authors‘ and translator’s names, one picture, and the ISBN number for the book. The soft copy of this book can be downloaded from the following links: &

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