This fund is dedicated to the many deserving patients who seek diagnosis and treatment at the Dewanbegi Clinic. Eligible patients include those who do not have money for their treatment and medicine, who do not have family supporters such as their father and brother, who came from the war-torn provinces and settled here in the Dewanbegi region, disabled and homeless people, children and women, poor and malnourished people, orphans and widows, and old people who do not have a good economic situation. These are people who can be helped by this fund for their diagnosis and treatment in the clinic.

This money is not paid to them in cash, but the cost of fees, laboratory examinations, ultrasounds, ECGs, the cost of emergency medical services, and the cost of medicine for these patients are covered by this box.

Wahidullah, a 12 years old child, who had Impetigo was helped by Dewanbegi Clinic’s Poor Fund Box on 27th September, 2022.

After visiting the Dewanbegi clinic and having his history taken by the doctor, and after having his condition examined from an economic point of view, the patient is introduced to the clinic administration. After the examination, the clinic management decides whether this patient should be included in this procedure or not.

Helping patients from this fund is sometimes only the payment of fees, sometimes the cost of laboratory examinations, and sometimes all his expenses, including medicine, are paid from this fund.

In 2021, 520 patients, including men, women, and children, will have received help from this fund. included the payment of fees, the cost of examinations and medicines for this number of patients.

From the beginning of 2022 until December 29, 2064 patients, including men, women, and children, have been helped by this fund, and their treatment costs have been paid from this fund.

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