Dr. Med. Helmut Jäger is a specialist in women’s health and obstetrics at the Heidekreisklinikum Walsrode. He also works as a systemic medical coach and a Qigong and Tai-Chi teacher. He has many years of experience in health program management, stress management, self-confidence strengthening, Coping with illness Conflict management, teaching, and research. As well, he has many publications.

Mr. Dr. Med. Helmut Jäger is working as a volunteer for Pro Familia Lower Saxony eV (board), SIMBAV eV (the advisory board), and Solawi Hof Grafel Rotenberg. Also, he has cooperation with UKE in Hamburg, Senior Expert Service in Bonn, VHS in Rotenberg, AEWB in Lower Saxony, and the WiDi office in Hamburg.

Dr. Jäger offers various trainings online for the female staff of Dewanbegi Clinic twice a month. This meeting series started on November 20, 2022, and continues today.

The above-mentioned doctor has conducted training on two topics for the female staff of the Dewanbegi Clinic, 1. reproductive health (antenatal care and obstetrics) and 2. diabetes during pregnancy.

It should be mentioned that Dr. Yahya Wardak also participates in the training and sometimes acts as a translator. We will try to have such trainings in the future as well; such trainings will help improve the capacity and quality of care at the Dewanbegi Clinic.

Here is an example of the topics that have been discussed in one meeting:

1: Which women are more likely to have diabetes?

2: The level of diabetes in women who have a normal delivery is lower than the level of diabetes in women who have a cesarean section.

3: Getting pregnant women on the right diet to reduce their diabetes risk;

4: performing appropriate movements during pregnancy to control diabetes;

5: Normal childbirth causes the level of the immune system to develop;

6: Diabetes tests in pregnant women who are suspected of having diabetes;

7: Treatment of diabetes in pregnant women

In this educational seminar, all topics related to diabetes during pregnancy are explained. The female personnel of Dewanbegi Clinic take advantage of such seminars.

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