The aforementioned training related to the attraction of Dewanbegi Clinic patients between the doctors of different departments of the clinic, Nangrahari and Dr. Yahya Wardak, was held online on February 14, 2023, at Dewanbegi Clinic at Zoom Meeting. We have had seven meetings since February 9th, 2023, and they are still ongoing. Some doctors from Dewanbegi Clinic in Kabul, such as Dr. Ferishta Zahari, Dr. Dawood Jalali, Dr. Nangialai Shahzada, Dr. Naseeb Adam Masood, Ms. Samira Amerkhil from the clinic’s reception and information department, and Mr. Ahmadullah Khaliqi from the clinic’s laboratory department, are the participants at the seminar. They discussed aspects related to the patient’s attraction and follow-up at the Dewanbegi clinic.

Dewanbegi Clinic’s medical staff is discussing the process and the way of following up with the patient according to the list that they have already made of chronic patients who should be registered.

Here are some of the decisions made at the six-day meeting:

  1. Doctors of all departments should enter 20 files in the patient follow-up table every day.
  2. Patients registered in the table should also be recorded and marked in the general patient follow-up book of the information department.
  3. Registered in the table are the patients who come to the Dewanbegi Clinic. The patients who are coming will be marked by a green color, and those who are not coming will be marked by a red color.
  4. The OPD files of two patients of each doctor will be discussed in the next meeting.
  5. The heads of all departments should be present at the meeting on time.
  6. In the next online session, Dr. Khpalwak Nangrahari will discuss diabetes, and the doctors of Dewanbegi Clinic will take turns asking some specific questions.

In all meetings, they decide how to do their daily patient follow-up in a better way. This series will be continued in the future as well.

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