In 2009 I have traveled to the Medical Faculty of Nangarhar University where I noticed that students used old lecture notes, written forty to fifty years ago, as the only learning materials; based on those notes, they took exams. Seeing the situation made me cry, so I decided to start working in this area.

Therefore, I started my job at the Ministry of Higher Education MoHE to publish quality textbooks for universities based on international standards. Since that time, we have published and distributed 366 textbooks, free of cost, most of which are in medicine, and some are in other fields like engineering, veterinary, pharmacy, psychology, science, economics, journalism, and agriculture.

In addition, we have provided forms and information for the honorable lecturers and given them.

In order to inform you about the need for textbooks, their value, and the process of publishing the textbooks, the information, interviews, and published articles on media are offered to you through this book. As well as my opinions, suggestions, and advice to the Ministry of Higher Education MoHE on the issues regarding higher education are involved in the book. in the annexes, you can see some more activities related to our works and project.  

Dr Yahya Wardak

you can download the “Publishing Textbooks for Afghan Universities” book from the following link:

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