On the 4th of May 2023, Dr. Muekke, the person in charge of the Lecturio platform had a full introduction presentation from Germany to medical and administrative staff of Dewanbegi Clinic which is in Kabul Afghanistan.
The male and female of staff of Dewanbegi whose number were 12 people, participated at this zoom meeting.
The organizer of this program was Dr. Yahya Wardak from Germany, who also translated the English words of the lecturer to the Participants.
Lecturio is to provide students and faculty with the best learning tools, proven effective by learning science. They endeavor to master the vast amount of foundational science needed to become outstanding healthcare providers. Dr. Muekke said they know that true mastery of this material and the global shortage of healthcare professionals requires a paradigm shift in how medicine is taught.
He at first had a full introduction about the platform and said that  Lecturio created a high-quality digital medical education resource, which is affordable, adaptive, and personalized.
They designed the platform with the needs of learners and faculty in mind, combined with the latest state-of-the-art learning technology and comprehensive monitoring and assessment features.
Lecturio’s ،team is made up of people with very diverse backgrounds and more than 250 physicians, including educators from prestigious medical schools such as Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, and University College London, to ensure top didactic quality of all content.
Their faculty advisory board, which consists of high-profile experienced educators, gives strategic direction, and ensures effective quality management.
During this meeting, with the translation of Dr. Yahya Wardak, many questions were asked from the participants of this meeting and all of them were answered.

Dr. Muekke explained that more than ten people work on their board all the time and give the necessary gifts to the subscribers, they have 250 employees worldwide.
The Lecturio platform has 12,000 different videos and a question bank in 26 languages, including Pashto, for doctors, nurses, and some management students and staff.
Lectures is an international platform that has 400 employees worldwide; It provides online courses from a number of important international universities. They also have close scientific and technical relations with the teachers of these universities.
Membership of this platform is provided for a fee; but free member will not have access to all materials. Individuals can follow their lessons and receive training with this system as students.
Organization and individuals how have access to this platform can also list a curriculum for their self, assign task , download and copy the text and the videos.
This platform is accessible on PC, iPad and mobile.
Dr. Yahya Wardak and the officials of the lecture platform are trying; to find donor and financial resources that Afghans and especially the employees of Dewanbegi Clinic can access this system in the future.

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