We had a course for Afghan children and interested Germans for many years, and we were writing teaching materials from books and the Internet and providing them for teaching purposes. These pages have grown in size over time, making it difficult for course participants to copy all of the pages and learning materials. Therefore, we have started to collect and organize the pages, add some important parts, and print it as a Pashto reading textbook first volume. We are thinking that this will bring positive changes to our work on one side, and we will be able to collect the teaching materials in one place, which will be useful for students to learn Pashto easily. We therefore came up with the idea of gathering these pages, organizing them, and adding some other crucial components. As a result, they were prepared and printed in several parts, including Pashto as a Second Language, the first and second volumes of the reading book, the exercise book, a grammar book, and a teacher’s guidebook. The teaching materials will be gathered in one place, which will make our job easier, but it will also be helpful for those learning the language.

More info: https://www.amazon.de/Yahya Wradak

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