Badshah Khan und Mahatma Ghandhi waren Allierte in einer Revolution des menschlichen Geistes, Pioniere einer Kultur des Friedens.” (Eknath Easwaran)

“Es ist meine tiefste Überzeugung, dass Islam ‘amal, yakeen, muhabat’ – selbstlose Handlung – Glaube und Liebe ist.” (Badshah Khan)


“I have one great desire.
I want to rescue these gentle, brave, patriotic people from the tyranny of the foreigners who have disgraced and dishonored them.
I want to create for them a world of freedom, where they can live in peace, where they can laugh and be happy.
I want to kiss the ground where their ruined homes once stood, before they were destroyed by savage strangers.
I want to take a broom and sweep the alleys and the lanes, and I want to clean their houses with my own hands.
I want to wash away the stains of blood from their garments.
I want to show the world how beautiful they are, these people from the hills, and then I want to proclaim: ‘Show me, if you can, any gentler, more courteous, more cultured people than these.'” 
Nonviolent Soldier of Islam. Badshah Khan, A Man to Match His Mountains.
Badshah Khan & Mahatma Ghandhi Allies in Revolution of Human Spirit Pioneers in a Culture of Peace
By Eknath Easwaran. Nilgiri Press  California, USA 1999 

“The more I see him the more I love him. I know of the greatness of Abdul Ghaffar Khan”
(Mohandas Gandhi){:}

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