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Afghanic e.V.

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Afghanic e.V. (registered oeganisation) is an association which was founded 1993 in Hamburg to establish ties between Germany and Afghanistan. It is aimed at individuals and organisations who are interested in Afghanistan and the Afghan Diaspora in Germany/Europe.
The association is a charity registered at the Local Court of Bonn, Germany and it is recognized as a tax-privileged non-profi t corporation by the tax authority in Bonn.
Aims of the Association
– collecting and cataloguing information material about Afghanistan and sharing this with interested individuals and institutions,
– developing and implementing our own projects in the fields of education,
universities and health,
– participation in and support of initiatives and institutions promoting the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan,
– promoting the integration of Afghans living in Germany and cultivating language and culture.

Large Archive and Reference Library
Books, journals and audio-visual media from and about Afghanistan dealing with important social, political and cultural issues are open to all interested parties free of charge.
Activities so far:
– Foundation & development of Afghanistan Information Centre 1993
– Language courses & translations (Pashto, Dari/Farsi, German, English)
– Regional studies, research & analyses
– Lectures on the history & the current situation of Afghanistan; consulting and
supervision of projects
– Hamburg Afghanistan Weeks (annually for the past 25 years)
– Counselling for Afghans living in Germany
– Bonn Afghanistan Talks (annually for the past three years)
– Publishing Afghan Literature in German
– Supporting schools in Balkh & Wardak Provinces
– Inter-disciplinary clinic in Kabul
– Publishing & countrywide distribution of textbooks (over 300 in Pashto, Dari & English)
Further publications: (in Afghan languages, German & English)
– Rahman Baba Divan, 2020
– German for Afghans in Dari, 2019
– German for Afghans in Pashto, 2018
– Gul Pacha Ulfat, Favorite Writings, 2019
– Ghaffar Khan. The Apostle of Non-violence by N. Radhakrishnian, 2017
– Two Servants of God (with foreword by Mahatma Gandhi) by Mahadev Desai, 2017
– Ghani Khan Writings, Ingrid v. Heiseler From him & about him, 2016
– Afghans in Australia by Prof. H. Amin, 2016
– Quotations of Badshah Khan, 4. Edition 2019
– G. Nangarhari Articles, 2013
– Autobiography of Badshah Khan, 2012
– Textbook of the Pashto Language by Prof. M. Lorenz, 2010, 2019
– Afghanistan Constitution of 2004
– Afghanistan Constitution of 1964, 1999
– Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1997

All medical text books can be downloaded from:

With our work we want to promote peace, development, education & health in Afghanistan and integration of Afghans in Germany.