Badshah Khan

Badshah Khan

“Badshah Khan und Mahatma Ghandhi waren Allierte in einer Revolution des menschlichen Geistes, Pioniere einer Kultur des Friedens.” (Eknath Easwaran)

“Es ist meine tiefste Überzeugung, dass Islam ‘amal, yakeen, muhabat’ – selbstlose Handlung – Glaube und Liebe ist.” (Badshah Khan)


“I have one great desire.
I want to rescue these gentle, brave, patriotic people from the tyranny of the foreigners who have disgraced and dishonored them.
I want to create for them a world of freedom, where they can live in peace, where they can laugh and be happy.
I want to kiss the ground where their ruined homes once stood, before they were destroyed by savage strangers.
I want to take a broom and sweep the alleys and the lanes, and I want to clean their houses with my own hands.
I want to wash away the stains of blood from their garments.
I want to show the world how beautiful they are, these people from the hills, and then I want to proclaim: ‘Show me, if you can, any gentler, more courteous, more cultured people than these.'” 
Nonviolent Soldier of Islam. Badshah Khan, A Man to Match His Mountains.
Badshah Khan & Mahatma Ghandhi Allies in Revolution of Human Spirit Pioneers in a Culture of Peace
By Eknath Easwaran. Nilgiri Press  California, USA 1999 

“The more I see him the more I love him. I know of the greatness of Abdul Ghaffar Khan”
(Mohandas Gandhi)